Maintaining extensive networks and solid relationships with organizations and people in the
Technology, Capital Markets and Wealth Management communities.

What We Do

Successful Trading relies on Speed, and Quality of Information, while at the same time risk metrics must be adhered to, and regulators must be provided with access to timely data. The people that make this happen in Toronto are part of P4Capital. We stay in constant touch through a variety of social media outlets to ensure availability.

We take the time to get to know our customer – your needs, culture and values; and we know our candidates – their skills, strengths and aims. 


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Latest P4CAPiTAL Job Postings

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Title Location Posted
DETAILS Business Analyst Toronto, ON, CA Aug 04 2017
DETAILS Systems Support Specialist Toronto, ON, CA Aug 02 2017
DETAILS Datbase Developer - Access Toronto, ON, CA Aug 02 2017
DETAILS Junior Business Analyst Toronto, ON, CA Aug 01 2017
DETAILS Junior Trade Support Analyst Toronto, ON, CA Aug 01 2017
DETAILS Developer - Information Builder Toronto, ON, CA Jul 28 2017
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Your Planet Advantage
  •  Match skills to requirements  (“Job Reference Library”) 
  •  Match competencies to Critical Success Factors (“Competency Encyclopedia”)
  •  Perform checks  (Education, reference, credit, criminal, etc.)
  •  Establish contractor deliverable clarity
  •  Monitor/report on contractor performance
  •  Analyze/feedback FTE success/factors
  •  A database repository of “who’s who”
  •  Performance Appraisal software
  •  Behavioural/Competency Assessment
  •  A recruiting program that allows for fast project resourcing with “market rate” pricing, using Planet’s “virtual bench.”
  •  Account Manager
  •  Resource Manager
  •  Recruiters
  •  Account Administration
  •  Finance and Contract Administration

The Planet4iT Edge

P = (SK + E) * C

Productivity is improved as work increases and costs decrease. Capacity to produce work is a function of Skills/Knowledge plus Experience, all multiplied by Competencies/Behaviours. SK and E can be learned, C must be selected for. Behaviours also indicate values, and selecting the best, with values that fit your organization, reduces costly turnover. And productivity goes up!