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Nadine Lamothe
Nadine Lamothe

Nadine Lamothe started her career as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG.  She then sold turn key practice management systems to accountants.  In 1987, she moved to the recruiting business and fell in love with the business.  Nadine is one of the founders of Planet4iT, .  She manages the accounting/ back office for the firm, trains and supervises the recruiters. Helping people move their careers forward and finding the right match for clients. defines her passion.

Is This The Right Move - How to Resign
Is This The Right Move - How to Resign
How do you go about resigning from a job when it's time?

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Based in Toronto, PLANET4iT is a Canadian-owned and operated recruitment and placement agency that helps companies and employment seekers survive the Digital Revolution

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