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A bad User Experience (UX) on your website can cause customers to hit that back button pretty quickly. Check out these pet peeves and make your site a user friendly experience.

Red lights, people driving in the fast lane, cold french fries, dishes left in the basement, clothes left in the dryer, and the list goes on and on. It's amazing how many pet peeves you have once you start making a list. Pet Peeves can be an irritant that you can't control, such as slow drivers in the passing lane - grrr - in the long run you better get used to them and move over otherwise your pet peeve could become a tragedy. Dishes on the counter, toothpaste lids left off will probably cause a minor blow-up at your partner or kids, it will blow over and everything will be peaceful for a while and then you will need another blow-up.

If a business is irritating you, there is a good chance you will change businesses. Cell Phone providers are a great example of bad customer experiences affecting businesses. You just change carriers. Rogers and Bell have listened and now their products and programs are so alike it's hard to find any differences with them.

As the millennium approached, businesses had to find a whole new way to attract customers. The webpage and social media sites have become their first line of attracting and keeping you as a customer. Whether you are looking information up on Google or Bing, or just following a link from a Tweet or Facebook, it's important that your users not only stay on your webpage, but return to it.

I don't think of myself as being too fussy but here are 5 things that drive me crazy about websites:

Too Long to Load

High speed, high speed, high speed. I expect instantaneous results. Yes, I know this is not always the webpages fault, sometimes it is my provider but bam if that little wheel is spinning, I am out of there. Back to the search bar to the next article. There are 1000's of websites competing for your time, don't lose a customer because your website is too slow. Check the images, are they too big, are there too many? Videos are great but can be slow to load. News and sports sites are known for being slow mainly because of the large amount of information and video they are trying to provide. Check out TSN's website. It opens in a flash. There are lots of videos on the landing page, but none of them start up until you click them.


Everyone has to advertise but having to stare at an advertisement for 10 seconds before I even get into your site. Zap - back to the search bar. There is another website just waiting for my business. Pop-ups, banners, sometimes you can't see the story for the advertising. Make sure your priority is giving your customer value, not just trying to get more clicks.

White Papers/Phishing Articles

Twitter feeds have 1000's of tweets trying to catch your attention. There is nothing I hate more than finding a really interesting 280-character tweet, you click on it and before you can proceed to the story you have to sign up for their email newsletter and fill out all sorts of personal information. Not happening on the first date, sorry, you have to gain my loyalty before I start passing on my personal information!

Links that Hijack the Webpage

Make sure your links open in a new window or at the very least allow your user to use the back button to get back to your site. 

Mobile Friendly

Chances are if I have a favourite webpage at some point in time, I am going to want to read it on my laptop, my tablet and my phone. Scrolling up and down is inevitable on a phone but also trying to scroll side to side is a real turn off. Make your website mobile friendly. Mobile technology is here to stay and taking over the world. Don't lose all these valuable customers.

The world is a busy place and with the internet, everything we want to buy or know is at our fingertips. The Yellow Pages ad of "let your fingers do the walking" can be adapted to the internet, "let your fingers do the buying", "let your fingers do the surfing". Just make sure your customers don't bail on you because of poor website design and optimization!