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A noted Enterprise Architect and I were chatting over a coffee one day a short while ago about next- generation Enterprise software. The enterprise that employs him needs a global offering. The software Vendors were asked to meet 2022 needs for this strategic recruit, train and retain initiative. The project is fully funded by the top Executives. My friend was reflecting that the short listed Vendors who can offer ‘off the shelf’ ERP software were only able to meet 1st Quarter 2018 enterprise needs. The build solution seems to be the viable alternative at this time.  Our reflection was that this project is only the tip of the iceberg on what Corporations and companies are now facing if they are to survive.

Current fad is to use expressions in the likes of incorporating AI based behaviours; IOT; Cyber currencies and crypt based attestations; Data science and analytics; Cloud; collaborative source development; and voice activated activities. These have real meaning when a business entity is looking to build.

At the end of 2017, the top tech jobs noted by Industry experts are: Machine Learning Engineers; Data Scientists; Customer Success Managers; Big Data Developers; Full Stack Engineers; Unity Developers; and Full Stack Developers to name a few in the top quadrant. Shortages for each of these positions start at 10:1 for the machine learning folks to 4.5:1 for the full stack developers.

The pace of job change is nothing like I have ever seen in my 30 years as a career manager. However, from a job advice perspective, I want my professionals to get on these projects now or invest in education immediately to join a project this 2018 calendar year. No one can aptly predict the journey to 2022 and beyond, but many of the world’s great Seers have already stated in multiple publications what business and consumerism will look like.

Your mission, is to get yourself on one of these projects immediately. Taking on any maintenance and enhancement (read Legacy) role may be career limiting if you are not a ‘Boomer’. If you current Employer is staying the course in 2018, they will be in peril by 3rd Quarter 2019 or sooner! Technology companies are building, buying and introducing immediate Gen technology across multiple channels. Ideally one wants to be involved in the application and integration of these technologies and products.

The Build era is where I come from. The Boomer philosophy in those days was anything was possible. Great new companies rose and stalwarts fell. Leaders were identified and careers made. It was easy to reminisce over coffee with my fellow Boomer colleague on the good old days. However, what got our brains burning is the opportunity to forge a phenomenal career in today’s environment. The pace of change is very fast. Just by recognizing this gets you well positioned. The next step is to join a software or infrastructure build project, company or alternative initiative now. To borrow a corny expression: embrace the change and get on with it.