For Employers

Commitment & Support

After you’ve hired a candidate, Planet4iT stays in touch to make sure that your relationship gets off to a good start. And, if you have engaged a contractor, our HomePlanet service will make your job easier by taking care of things like time sheets, payroll, and at-source deductions.

Successful Outcome

The success of any placement only becomes clear over time, after a candidate has become a valued employee who makes a positive long-term contribution to a client's organization. Our entire approach to recruiting and placement is aimed at discovering talented people who will make that kind of difference. 


HomePlanet is our name for the range of administrative support services that Planet4iT provides to make contract engagements easier to manage for both contractors and employers. When you need service, when you need support, when you need answers, you know you can contact your HomePlanet.

Whether you are looking to fill a permanent position or to engage a contractor, you want an IT recruitment partner that makes it easier to find, review and hire qualified IT professionals–that’s why Planet4iT should be your first contact for IT.

Planet4iT offers employers a better way to attract and assess IT talent. We don’t just troll the Web for resumes or substitute technology for judgment. Instead, we combine proprietary technology with a proven metric-driven methodology for assessing candidates’ core competencies and behaviours during a face-to-face interview.

This process helps us to gain a better understanding of a candidates potential, as well as allowing us to make sure that a prospect will be a good fit with your organization. The knowledge we gain about a candidate’s motivations and preferences is also enormously useful in persuading a desirable but uncommitted candidate to join your team.