Engaging Contractors

Hit the Ground Running

Planet4iT has an extensive network of contractors with a wide range of experience in all aspects of information technology. When you engage a contractor through Planet4iT you can expect

  • Contractors sourced through same high quality process Planet4iT used to source full-time employees
  • An experienced professional who is ready to go to work
  • Support from Planet4iT: monitor contractor’s progress, communicate regularly with employer and ensure any issues are addressed promptly.
  • Planet4iT manages payroll, taxes, EI, WSIB, etc.
  • Planet4iIT can facilitate the transfer of contractor knowledge to internal resources
  • Planet4iT retains contractor history and records

The Planet4iT Statement of Work Builder

Once you’ve found the right contractor, the key to a successful engagement is a well-written contract that leaves no room for misunderstanding about the nature of the assignment.

Such a contract must include a complete Statement of Work, which clearly defines such matters as the scope of the engagement, the major work functions involved, the key activities arising in each major work function, expected deliverables, project schedules and measurable performance indicators.

The Planet4iT Statement of Work Builder, an integral part of the Planet4iT Toolkit, makes it easy to write a clear and comprehensive statement of work. It organizes work into nine major career clusters and 41 Work Functions, and then breaks those functions down further into 280 Key Activities. Each Key Activity is broken into required technical knowledge, skills and abilities, tools, the typical competencies relating to successful completion of such activities and Performance indicators.

Using The Planet4iT Statement of Work Builder, our experts will work with you, and help you develop a comprehensive description of the assignment and your expectations. The completed statement of work will become the foundation for a good working relationship and a successful contract engagement.