The goal of a Behavioural-Focused Interview is to confirm that a candidate’s skills match the requirements of the position, and, more importantly, to identify the innate characteristics and behaviour patterns that are the best indicators in determining how an individual will perform in a job situation.

The Planet4iT Competency Encyclopedia

These characteristics and patterns are described in The Planet4IT Competency Encyclopedia, one of the key tools used in our candidate evaluation process. The Competency Encyclopedia lists 48 well-understood competencies and organizes them into five categories: Managerial Leadership; Focus on People; Emotional Intelligence; Personal Effectiveness/Organizational Success; and Business Organization.

The Competency Encyclopedia defines each competency and also provides descriptors of what the behaviour “looks like” and how it might be revealed in an interview situation. Guided by the Competency Encyclopedia, our interviewers are able to discover what competencies a candidate truly possesses, and how they can use those competencies to help a client’s organization.

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