The Planet4iT Recruitment Process

We start each assignment by meeting with our clients in person and making sure that we understand their needs, the nature of the opportunity they are offering, and their organization’s culture. Based on this discussion, we develop a tailored recruiting strategy that ensures we focus our efforts on the right group of potential candidates. This includes working with our client to develop a job description that accurately reflects all aspects of the position.

The Planet4iT Job Reference Library

A well-written job description that clearly defines all the requirements of a particular position makes the entire sourcing and placement process more efficient. However, for a busy employer, writing such a description can be a challenge, and that is where The Planet4IT Job Reference Library can help. Featuring descriptions of more than 100 I.T. positions grouped into 27 different job categories such as Systems Development or Security Services, The Planet4iT Job Reference Library makes it easy to write a comprehensive and compelling job description.

 View a sample job description developed with The Planet4iT Job Reference Library.