Performance Metrics

We’ve done the math

It is easy to track increases in sales or manufacturing output, but it is usually a different matter when it comes to charting the impact of human resource activities on a company’s productivity. We know that HR departments are under increasing pressure to back up their decisions and proposals with quantitative assessments. Planet4iT has developed a series of metrics around issues such as the impact of turnover on productivity, and the real cost of employee recruitment.

Look at the numbers

Would you like to understand the real impact that high turnover or insufficient staffing are having on your organization? Would you like to discover how changing your recruitment practices could make a positive contribution to your bottom line? Then contact Planet4iT, we’ll lead you through our proprietary metrics on issues relating to performance, recruiting and productivity.

We’ve done the math, and we can show you the numbers. We can provide the performance-based metrics you need to guide your recruitment and staff resourcing decisions.

Shifting the performance curve

To see the impact that making hires with a better-than-average performance curve and retention expectations, click here.

If you need a little help interpreting the chart, then contact Planet4iT. We’ll be happy to walk you through it and show you Planet4iT can help you “shift the performance curve.”