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Meeting the Community:
Meeting the Community:

Recently P4Digtial got the chance to take part in a couple of networking events.  A couple of weeks ago we met with the SAS team and their continuing education students from George Brown.   Last week we had the chance to meet with the people at Rotmans.

Continuing your education and self-improvement are areas that as recruiters we quite frequently get asked about.  Is it worth it?  How do I transition my career?  Does an executive MBA add as much value as an MBA?

All really good questions, with really tough answers; the short answer of which I think is, continuing your education and upgrading your skills are always a good thing.  Even if there’s no immediate reward at some point in your life it will pay dividend.

One thing I took away from both the SAS day and the Rotmans morning were that the professional education people in this city are doing a wonderful job of preparing people for future challenges in their careers.  SAS brought in a speaker Masoum Mosmer who would be worth the cost of the program alone.  There are some interesting things happening in the analytics world and Masoum did a wonderful job of speaking to the importance of influencing with your findings.  We’ve worked with SAS on a couple of projects in the past and I have always been nothing but completely impressed with their professionalism and forward thinking.  At Rotmans we had a chance to meet with a group of students doing their executive MBA.  They started the morning by getting their students to do a 1 minute tell me about yourself pitch.  I could not recommend this exercise more to everyone out there.  I’ve worked with multiple candidates who lost themselves a position by running on to long when asked this question.  It is in some ways the toughest question you get asked in an interview.  Having only witnessed the practical training that Rotmans provides for one day, I feel very comfortable recommending their program as well.

P4Digital is committed to working with the community to help people better themselves and ultimately find their desired career path.  In partnering with institutions and companies like SAS and Rotmans, we hope to be able to provide a little value to the community outside of our day to day mission.  We will be doing more events like this in the future and I hope to meet with more and more of you in the near future.

Written By Andrew Carlson 

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